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    • Was ok until my blinds started breaking strings 2
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    • Shades were nice before repair 1
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    • Warranty avoidance 4
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It's the installer whoever that you hired is to blame. I've own high end HunterDouglas products and very happy for what I got.

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Works one day, then doesn't work the next. HD support was unable to help, typical answers like reboot, reset (erase) all settings and start again. Works for a few days and then stops again. Sometimes it would lose shades and scenes. Usually the app just fails to connect. The old unit was sent back to Hunter Douglas for diagnosis and they confirmed something was wrong with the hardware. A new unit was sent, the HD rep came out and installed it,... Read more

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These people should not be writing apps or software. Total waste of time and money.

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I was told that the motorized blinds that i got would eventually be able to open and close by using an app (without the need of being on my wifi- currently i only can use the app if i am at home) I paid a lot of money for them and now according to customer service they have a completely new system that if i wanted to have the new system (with the app the works with any wifi, I will have to buy the new shades). Which of course i am not buying... Read more

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It took 6 months for Hunter Douglas to get my blinds order correct. They blinds with two different colors, then sent blinds with broken strings, then the wrong parts to install. Now six month after they finally got it right, the strings broke and I can't lift my blinds. I called customer service and they say I am responsible for taking the blinds down myself or paying someone to do it! Then I have to pay for shipping back to them to repair. ... Read more

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Hunter Douglas - Overpriced Junk
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My wife and I built a new home last year and upon completion hired a local Hunter Douglas rep to install ( cellular shades ) window treatments. They looked beautiful when first installed, but I mentioned to the installer that two of the shades ( 5x7 ) were too heavy for the lifting mechanisms. She assured me they would be just fine. Well here we are 14 months down the road and the lifting strings ( and they are strings not cords ) inside the the... Read more

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Well, paid good $$ for them and was garruteed no hassle as long as i own them inthe home . After a while the place i bought them whent out of business . Finley found a place that would work with me ,and ship them back to mfg. To get re strung . Now what happens is that the plastic tabs on the bottom of the blind get brittle and brake over time then shade comes back all the way down and then has to be restrung! Now they have to be sent back to... Read more

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We purchased HD from a local shop because we didn't want to take on the responsibility of measuring the windows wrong. As I have read over and over in these reviews, two of the shades ( measured to be produced the same length) were different lengths. One of them was so short that they didn't cover the window. We will NEVER purchase from Hunter Douglas again. The quality is not there and other shades I have purchased for 1/16th of the price... Read more

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Boy what a *** product. It takes 3 weeks to make custom products to fit our windows, and $900 per window. One by one individual windows started failing. After about 2 weeks & dozens of service calls by the installer. They agreed to replace all 5 shades. 3 weeks later new shades arrive -- Same problem!!!! They don't work. DO NOT BUY HUNTER DOUGLAS Products. You will regret it. The installer has no idea how to fix these shades, they do know how to... Read more

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Purchased the shutters and paid thousands of dollars for the whole house and the piece that holds the shutter keeps breaking. So hard to replace the retailer charges to fix that part it’s not like we have owned these shutter for a long time. So poorly made if you ask me. Will never recommend this brand. I have to pay someone for fixing several shutters that are broken from their clip and again we have not had these shutter for long time and... Read more

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